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October 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Cornerstone Technologies in Uncategorized

2016 has been a juggernaut of changes for Cornerstone Technologies. We closed down our old retail location on Warren Road and consolidated to our new property at 109 Airport Road. This change has affected how we receive and handle most of our residential customers.

First, because we are doing more work for larger corporations, a typical 9-5 style environment isn’t compatible with those obligations. As such, we have to take most of our clients by appointment. We have come up with alternative drop off locations and a ‘pick-up/drop-off’ service.

Second, we will be pushing for clients to utilize our remote services option. This will allow us to address some of the more common computer issues that people call us about. This service is restricted to computers that can still get on the internet and download a small program that allows us access to their system. This service is cheaper @ $40/hr than our $75/hr on-site service call rate and might work for the majority of our clients.

Finally, our new location is also our home, which allows me greater flexibility as far as hours to receive client computers and work on them. If I am home, there is no reason for me not to accept someones computer at midnight or to work on them at 2 in the morning. Because we are not working within the confines of defined operational hours, we can elect to do what we can to accommodate any client or customer at any time.

So, I welcome our existing clients, and look forward to new ones that we can serve.

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