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Company Changes

October 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Cornerstone Technologies in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Company Changes)

2016 has been a juggernaut of changes for Cornerstone Technologies. We closed down our old retail location on Warren Road and consolidated to our new property at 109 Airport Road. This change has affected how we receive and handle most of our residential customers.

First, because we are doing more work for larger corporations, a typical 9-5 style environment isn’t compatible with those obligations. As such, we have to take most of our clients by appointment. We have come up with alternative drop off locations and a ‘pick-up/drop-off’ service.

Second, we will be pushing for clients to utilize our remote services option. This will allow us to address some of the more common computer issues that people call us about. This service is restricted to computers that can still get on the internet and download a small program that allows us access to their system. This service is cheaper @ $40/hr than our $75/hr on-site service call rate and might work for the majority of our clients.

Finally, our new location is also our home, which allows me greater flexibility as far as hours to receive client computers and work on them. If I am home, there is no reason for me not to accept someones computer at midnight or to work on them at 2 in the morning. Because we are not working within the confines of defined operational hours, we can elect to do what we can to accommodate any client or customer at any time.

So, I welcome our existing clients, and look forward to new ones that we can serve.

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Electrical Cord Nightmare

May 12th, 2014 | Posted by Cornerstone Technologies in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Electrical Cord Nightmare)

Here at Cornerstone Technologies, we do lots of service calls to homes and businesses.  This really is the core component of our business and the most effective way that we give our clients the individual attention that they deserve.  It gives pluginplugour clients the chance to ask questions and become more aware of best practices.  Sometimes, we go onsite for a particular problem that is related to something that is outside of our expertise.

I had the opportunity to go to a family home because I had sold them a new LCD monitor to replace one that wouldn’t power on.  Things go bad, particularly electronics, but a new monitor should work without issues.  As soon as I went into the home, I realized they were in some sort of renovation phase, which normally isn’t a problem for what we do.  When I came to the computer, I quickly realized what was going on.  The computer, monitor, printer, and DSL modem was all plugged into a power strip, which again is pretty standard.  Also plugged into the power strip was a large tube TV, which was clearly part of the problem.  Tube TVs tend to draw a lot of current, which typically might be more than an ordinary household power strip can handle.  In this case, if the TV was on, something else plugged into the power strip would fail to work.  The old monitor failed because it was continually trying to power on, but surging itself with power that eventually fried the power board.  If the TV was off, it would popluginplug2wer on.


This story gets worse.  The power strip itself was powered from an outlet in another room.  To make up the distance, the client had used no less than five of the very cheapest brown extension cords one could buy at Dollar Tree.  The computer and other associated devices were only powered on for a few minutes, but to the touch, the extension cords were quite hot, likely enough to melt the plastic insulator and cause an electrical fire issue.  I informed the client that the setup was unsafe and that I couldn’t go any further in the present conditions.  I advised them to move the computer to an outlet that worked (apparently this particular room hadn’t had working outlets for years!) immediately.

In the end, an extreme electrical issue was hampering the ability of these people to use their computer.  If it has been resolved, I do not know, though the house hasn’t burned down thankfully.  It is important to use the correct type of electrical devices for practicality and safety.  Not doing so is risky and potentially deadly.

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Getting More out of More

January 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Cornerstone Technologies in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Getting More out of More)

Here at Cornerstone Technologies, we are big fans of getting the most out of hardware and spending as little as possible.  The same applies to our clients, we never suggest that they spend money just to spend it.  However, sometimes there are clients that I run into that have seemingly refused to spend money and insist on getting the most out of their 12 year old computers and network resources that would have been outdated when Windows 98 was released.

What is most troubling is that clients still regard their data safe when in fact no record of any kind of backup is evident.  While we are not fans of cloud based solutions as of yet, anything is better than ignorance and pixie dust.  We recommend many solutions that are cost effective and proven.  Organizations should not rely on their file server or anything else to always be reliable.  All hard drives fail, its just a matter of when.  As a company that engages in data recovery on a routine basis, it is much easier and cheaper to be prepared.

The other thing organizations are skimping on are workstations in order for their workers to actually accomplish the tasks in which they are paid.  I recently sat down with an employee at a company at her desk to better understand what they were facing. They were using a 12 year old desktop to run multiple databases and to do basic clerical and office work.  Doing any task requiring typing was taking ages.  Basic data entry tasks were time intensive and painfully slow to watch.  The computer had never been maintained or upgraded because it ‘wasn’t in the budget’.  Upgrading and replacing hardware might seem expensive, but is a crucial aspect of smoothly running a business.  Employees that are not able to efficiently complete tasks are not cost effective themselves.  It is important that they have the right tools for the right job that are maintained.

If your business is struggling to keep up because of aged hardware or software, contact Cornerstone Technologies of Indiana to solve the problem.

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